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Vaporwave Neon Lights

Neon Lights, a futuristic style trend that has made its big comeback in recent years with the Synthwave, Retrowave and Vaporwave! Neon was out of fashion, it was considered too old-fashioned and backward. Recently, with the vaporwave in particular, artists have reintroduced it in the world of decoration and fashion.

Neon lights, more popular than ever

Neon lights are excellent sources of light, indeed, they bring color and dynamism to your room. Their brightness is powerful, so they can bring an extra touch of light to perfect the lighting of your Vaporwave room. They are also perfectly suited for living rooms, offices, reading corners and festive events for example.

The rebirth of these lights through vaporwave

Many youtubers have such a lamp. With festive vocation also, neon is used in various sectors, whether in advertising to promote brands, in fashion, in cosmetology or in decoration in the broadest sense, neon is everywhere nowadays. To the greatest pleasure of vaporwave lovers!