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Synthwave Shirts

Synthwave aesthetics is a real art gallery of nostalgia releasing its own identity. A synthwave shirt is the best way to celebrate retrowave in style. Know that, Aesthetic clothing is a timeless garment. It will cross many centuries ! Even today, it is still appreciated for its casual and fresh side, which means it can be worn on almost any occasion.

The nostalgia of the 80's will accompany you in your daily life with care with these synthwave shirts

Aesthetically, synthwave visuals often gives a retro-futuristic perspective, imitating science fiction and 1980s movies. Examples of this aesthetic are used in films or series such as Tron: L'Héritage, Drive, Blade Runner, Time Out or Stranger Things as well as video games such as Power Drive 2000, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or Hotline Miami. The OutRun game for Sega MegaDrive, released in 1986, putting the player behind the wheel of a Ferrari Testarossa, is iconic and sets the tone for the typical visual ambience associated with sports cars racing along coconut-fringed beaches. With a synthwave t-shirt, It is all these universes which will be at your side in your days with an impressive style.

More than a synthwave t-shirt, a vision of life and a state of mind

The composition of your tee is important because your skin is in direct contact with it. And even if it is rare to develop an allergy, it is important to remember that we wear a shirt almost every day. The chemicals used to treat the t-shirt inevitably end up being deposited on our skin. That's why we strive to give you all the information about the nature of our synthwave t-shirts. Regarding the size, there are guides on each page to give you the best possible experience.