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Synthwave Posters

The first things to notice in the retro-futuristic aesthetics given to the synthwave posters, are the different colors used. Usually, dark shades such as black and purple are used, with the addition of flashy blue or pink or neon, in order to mark a contrast between these two color palettes.

A synthwave aesthetic poster is a real piece of art of nostalgia releasing its own identity

The 80's being bathed in the beginnings of computer science, video games, B movies like slashers and TV series set in Miami or Los Angeles in the middle of a sunny summer, we necessarily find all these elements within the visual posters compositions. To evoke the night and the summer, the presence of the sun, in its sunset or sunrise is often used (sometimes the latter has spaced stripes and filled with a gradation ranging from yellow to pink).

In terms of home decor, we can find in the synthwave paintings the famous mountains where the polygons with laser edges are visible; a grid generally in red, purple or pink, whose edges are also reminiscent of lasers because of the diffuse glow; a background often dark, like a starry part in order to better highlight the elements that make up the retrowave posters.

Synthwave, retrowave, darksynth, outrun... a unique atmosphere with these posters

Since its characterization and denomination as Synthwave, the Synthwave genre has been broken down into different sub-genres, allowing a better understanding of the different types of art and not putting everything in the same box. One can consider the vaporwave posters in this universe, even if it is so complete that it could suffice by itself.

These sub-genres are for the most part quite difficult to characterize and are more often the result of a name balanced like this that misrepresents the art with which it is associated. They all come together under one and the same genre, the synthwave. Find the perfect aesthetic poster to fill your room with the magic of the 80s.