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Aesthetic Shirts

Fashion and its trends: often changing, sometimes questionable and rarely to everyone's taste. Of course, fashion is a real pleasure, mainly when we talk about aesthetics and vaporwave. Many follow without wondering why, don't follow trends, follow the one that is really worth it. The pace of renewal of the rest of the wardrobe doesn't matter when you've found the perfect vaporwave shirt, it will never leave you and you will be proud to wear it every day.

Find the perfect aesthetic shirt you'll always be looking for 

The aesthetic look is very varied, it can be inspired by the 80'srelating to the philosophy, notions such as the beautiful and the ugly, pure emotion and sensation as opposed to pure intellectuality. It's all and nothing at the same time, but always colorful and very inspiring. Vaporwave is in a way a sub genre of aesthetic, It is a music genre & art, but the unique and iconic visual aesthetic cultivated alongside it is now, debatably, more popular and recognizable than the music itself.

Maximum quality for a perfect style, you won't regret buying these clothes. Aesthetic is the answer to this new uncertain era

Each wardrobe should include at least for exemple one synthwave shirt, a faithful companion for every season. It often happens that our favorite t-shirt mark us deeply during the whole course of our life. When this one is represented by a passion that we love, there is something emotional and unforgettable. We put a very important point to give you the most faithful descriptions of our aesthetic t-shirts to avoid any bad surprises. Concerning the sizes, a guide is available on each shirt page.