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What is Simsponwave ?

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The Simpsons is one of the classics of the internet’s cult. The Simpsons is an Emmy Award-winning TV animated sitcom that was released back in 1989 and has a total of 31 seasons. It is safe to say that it has played a vital role in developing the world of the internet into what it is today. Here is everything you need to know about simpsonwave, a rather unique type of wave that has become oddly popular in the recent years.

As the name suggests, simpsonwave is a wave music genre that has been derived from classic Simpson moments and then combined with vaporwave or chillwave soundtracks. We have broken down simpsonwave into several distinguishable parts, so you can understand the genre at least as well as we do. Here we go.

History of simpsonwave

The oldest known version of simpsonwave can be traced back to October 27, 2015. 2015 was an era where vines had already become popular. In case you do not know, vines are video clips no longer than 7 seconds and usually posted in meme formats. Just like how Tik Tok is popular for its various video clips nowadays, vines were all the hype back then. Simpsonwave gradually gained popularity as a meme and has now become an integral part of the vaporwave community.

Bart on the road

The first-ever simpsonwave featured small 6-second footage from the seventh season of The Simpsons : “Bart on the Road”. This footage was a vine based on Bart and his friends on a car road trip. Vaporwave was already popular by the time and was a relatively well-known meme format. People wanted to experiment around and user Spicster started the phenomenon of simpsonwave

How do you explain simpsonwave ?

The best way we could explain simpsonwave is that it is the closest to what is popularly known as anime music videos (AMVs). AMVs are music videos where a certain anime video clip is played, and matching music is played in the background. You can find any popular anime such as Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z’s AMVs on the internet. These anime usually have popular English songs being played in the background. The video is then edited to keep the song relevant. 

Simpsonwave is similar to anime music videos (AMVs) in a way that these vaporwave songs are merely video clips from iconic moments from the sitcom and follow a certain theme. 

A simple example

A simple example to understand how Simpsonwave works are through the earliest known work of Simpsonwave, Spicster’s Bart on the Road. The episode is about how Bart spends his day on the road with his friends. The small 6-second video clip shows Bart wearing shades while driving and all three of his friends chilling. Such a simple, but a clean shot of the TV show shows how much sentimentality goes behind this sitcom’s vine.

By mixing this simple vine with the vaporwave music “Resonance” by Home, more sentimentality is added to the scene. Resonance is a pleasant vaporwave music that is meant to provide youthful energy to the listeners and bring back the 2009’s chillwave genre all at once.

By mixing both the video and the audio, a rather unique sense of nostalgia is created where one can imagine themselves chilling with their friends in their own long-gone adolescent ages. 

Things to notice in simpsonwave

Some of the things that are dominantly very noticeable in a simpsonwave include, but are not limited to: 

  • Use of VHS tapes – a great classic that any audiophile can remember from at least a decade or two ago, meant to help audiophiles remember their teenage or younger years as they started.
  • Purple filter – no vaporwave music video is complete without the use of the classic codeine purple filter. A good theory suggests that purple is linked to the crown: the 7th chakra that links the universe and the dream realm. Another theory suggests that neon colors – of which purple is one – were a big thing in both the 80s and 90s. 
  • Simpsons video clip – no simpsonwave is complete without The Simpsons video clip. These video clips are often very popular moments of a certain episode of the sitcom. Most of the themes to follow include sad realities or classic moments that were real-life inspirations. 
  • Classic vaporwave music – there really is not a limit over what kind of vaporwave music is often used in the production of simpsonwave. Most of these videos include classic John Carpenter synths, muzak saxophones, Blank Banshee’s groovy overdubbed songs and so on. As long as the music somehow fits the theme, simpsonwave artists will make a music video about it. 

There are other things in a simpsonwave, but those are mostly exclusive to each artist. Lucien Hughes’ music videos are the most popular, and they often reflect a drug-themed or sad reality-based world of The Simpsons that is somehow reflected back to our own lives. 

Is simpsonwave ironic ?

YouTuber “This Exists” did a complete video on whether simpsonwave is a joke or not. Apparently, even though it is a sub-genre that is based on memes, and some might even have thrown the genre around as a meme for some time, simpsonwave delves much deeper into the world of irony. Even though most of the videos can be interpreted into irony, the artists intend these videos to be much more honest and have the listeners dive straight into the sad world that they are intended for. 

Final Thoughts

Simpsonwave is more than an ironic throwback to the olden times. Even though each simpsonwave music video contains a certain element of nostalgia, the use of dreamlike filters and VHS distortion is meant to drive through a much deeper meaning, something that the artist has meant honestly. Some artists mean to use it for social criticism, while many others just want to reflect on their own lives and want others to relate. 

We hope that we were able to somehow explain the sub-genre that is known as simpsonwave. Though it is not as popular as it was in its prime in 2015 and 2016, it still has a respectable fanbase. If you want to listen to simpsonwave, we recommend H O M E R S C A P E by Lucien Hughes

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