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What are the most vaporwave anime ?

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There is a strange relationship between people who watch anime and people who indulge in various activities on the internet. A healthy quantity of people who watch anime also indulges themselves in the art of online gaming, listening to EDM songs and even vaporwave music

We have compiled a list of the most vaporwave anime, so you can figure out what anime to watch for your next vaporwave video mix :

  • Plastic Memories
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Akira
  • Sekkou Boys
  • Great Teacher Onizuka
  • Yu Yu Hakusho
  • Inuyasha

Plastic Memories

plastic memories

Plastic Memories is a romance anime that has been very well-received by a lot of anime-watchers. With an average score of 7.95 out of 10 from 277,727 users on MAL, Plastic Memories is definitely an anime everyone should find time for.

It follows the story of Tsukasa Mizugaki who has managed to land a job at Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation (SAI Corp). His job is to collect robots or Giftias who have reached their maximum lifespan.
Throughout the anime, we see Tsukasa opening up to his fellow office-workers as well as a Giftias employee who he is assigned with. The ending of the anime has stuck with a lot of anime viewers and is perhaps the reason why it is a vaporwave anime

Why we chose Plastic Memories?

Perhaps the main reason Plastic Memories is a good vaporwave anime is because the female lead ‘Isla’ has hair in an accent of purple; something that is very common among vaporwave artists.

Just like simpsonwave, vaporwave anime music has been generated to not be ironic. It is meant to be on the more honest side. Plastic Memories has a rather tragic ending that many viewers have stuck with.
Because this anime follows a theme of robots losing their memories eventually, vaporwave music that is specifically designed for abandoned areas is perhaps the best way to combine both arts. 

Cowboy Bebop

cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop is one of the highest-rated anime of all time. With an average score of 8.79 out 10 from 544,987 votes on MAL, it has certainly become a fan-favorite for many anime watchers. The series ran from 1998 to 1999, through the end of the 90s, and has a distinct art style that was modern for the era.

Cowboy Bebop follows the story of Spike Spiegel – a carefree bounty hunter who makes a living hunting bounty and collecting rewards. His partner Jet Black is a rather eccentric serious bounty hunter who wants to just get the job done. Meeting various characters on their journey, Cowboy Bebop’s story is a wild ride for its viewers. Though the story ends with a bang, many viewers still view it as one of the most iconic endings in any anime. 

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Why we chose Cowboy Bebop

The main reason why so many other vaporwave artists choose Cowboy Bebop as the anime for making vaporwave music is that it is an anime that was made in the 90s – something that vaporwave is a throwback to. Perhaps it is also because of its iconic story that is unforgettable for its viewers, even years after they have finished the series that it is a popular destination for vaporwave artists

Many vaporwave music videos based on Cowboy Bebop are a loop of the ending, or certain bounty-chasing scenes from one of the episodes. 

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon genesis evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is perhaps one of the most meme-d anime on the planet. It has a rather positive rating of 8.31 by 575,065 users on MAL, ranking it in the top 210 anime of all time. NGE follows the story of your everyday middle schooler: Shinji Ikari, who is suddenly thrust into the role of protecting the world from Angels that have come to destroy Earth and end civilization as is known. Ikari meets a few people throughout the episodes, though the spiraling character development of each character is not something for the weak of heart.

Because of its rather unique and depressing theme, it was even ranked as the most popular anime of all time in 2006’s Japan Media Arts Festival

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Neon Genesis Evangelion poster

What makes Neon Genesis Evangelion a good choice

Neon Genesis Evangelion released back in 1995. The art style closely follows the trend of the 90s and is perhaps the main reason why NGE is the most popular option for vaporwave music artists when it comes to anime. Another reason may be that Ikari’s giant robot ‘Evangelion’ is in a shade of dark purple. One of the female-leads, Rei Ayanami, has blue to purple-ish hair that has been used a lot in the vaporwave music videos.

Neon Genesis Evangelion follows an extremely depressing theme where the main character’s sanity cripples over time. Not only do we see a teenager falling to a high level of depression while his father sits and patiently put the fate of the world on three teenagers’ tiny shoulders, but we also see a child who has to question the reality of the world while risking his life each episode.

This dark and depressing theme is what gets vaporwave artists to truly want to indulge in this theme and make deep music that can inspire many others. Abandoned and tragic music in low tones is definitely very common among all vaporwave artists.



You can’t go talking about a sub-genre of music that is related to electronics without talking about the sensation that was Akira. Its dazzling bike scene has been re-enacted by countless TV shows in Western culture. Akira was released all the way back in 1988 and is perhaps the most iconic anime show that has been adapted into modern Western action animated series. 

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Why Akira is on this list ?

The main reason Akira is on this list is that it was released all the way back in 1988 and featured a lot of cutscenes where abandoned malls and destroyed buildings were visible.

Akira follows a post-apocalyptic world, something that can somehow be relatable for people who are going through an apocalypse in their respective minds. The dark, sci-fi themes of this show make it a perfect candidate for vaporwave music, and this is certainly something that this show intends to do. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this small article was able to help shed light on all the most vaporwave anime you will ever need to know. Any anime that was released back between the 1980s to 90s and followed an action theme like Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and even Great Teacher Onizuka would make for excellent vaporwave music videos. There is even an anime that low-key focuses on the theme of vaporwave music’s love for Roman & vaporwave sculptures: Sekkou Boys. 

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