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The Perfect Vaporwave Room

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Vaporwave is slowly becoming the music of the internet. Of course, it is human nature to want to collect something that they are interested in. There is nothing wrong with decorating your room with things that interest you and make you want to live another day. We have compiled a list of several items that you should put in your room if you want to make it the perfect vaporwave room.

Ideas for a vaporwave room

We have extensively covered everything you need to know about vaporwave aesthetics and the different type of elements that are necessary for a vaporwave piece of art. If you just want a refresher, we will discuss them here again as we figure out what the perfect vaporwave room is.

As the name suggests, a perfect vaporwave room is a room that has been specifically designed with vaporwave-like elements in mind. When anyone enters a room, they will instantly realize that this room belongs to a vaporwave fan. Now that you know what a perfect vaporwave room is, we must venture across the different things that you can fit inside your perfect vaporwave room. To make this guide short and simple, we will be talking about three of the biggest things that should be prominent in a vaporwave room: vaporwave neon lights, posters and vaporwave statues. 

Without further ado, let us begin:

Vaporwave Neon Lights

vaporwave neon lights

Neon lights are excellent sources of light, indeed, they bring color and dynamism to your room. Their brightness is powerful, so they can bring an extra touch of light to perfect the lighting of your vaporwave room. They are also perfectly suited for living rooms, offices, reading corners and festive events for example.

  • Neon color – Neon color is an absolute necessity when it comes to designing something vaporwave. Vaporwave music is always easy to identify if you use neon color in your room.
  • Clean lighting – Instead of using normal bulbs, many vaporwave rooms are fitted with special neon or pink-colored lighting that is minimalistic at best.
  • Low-lighting – Vaporwave art is meant to emulate abandoned buildings, and what better to emphasize on abandonment than low-level lighting that barely works?
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vaporwave neon lights

Vaporwave posters

vaporwave poster

Posters are timeless: they are the ultimate and most obvious depiction that a certain someone likes something. You must have seen countless rooms filled with posters of things that a certain someone likes. For example, you visit a Pokémon lover’s house and their house is filled with Pokémon plushies and Pokémon posters, and whatnot. The same can be done for vaporwave, because it is a form of art. 

Here are some elements that should be a part of a poster to make it look like a vaporwave poster:

  • Color – The colors should be washed out in the shade of pink, neon and purple. Basically, anything in the shade of blue is good enough to be used as a vaporwave poster.
  • Robotic text – Use of text that was very popular in the early 80s or 90s’ games will make for a great vaporwave poster design. 
  • Minimalism – Though some posters might be filled with a lot of content in a single poster, you might like vaporwave posters that are minimalistic at best.
  • Windows NT/95/98 – Of course, you cannot forget Windows NT/95/98 when it comes to a genre that is based around the 90s. Most of the themes revolve around MS Paint or errors occurring, though you might want to custom-print anything that you remember from that era. 
  • Anime – Anime has become a big part of many of the internet-based cultures. If you like anime like Akira or Neon Genesis Evangelion, they will make for excellent vaporwave posters. 
  • Indie artists – The use of independent artists’ pictures from the 80s or 90s era will make for a great poster, and you will be able to flex your vaporwave knowledge onto anyone who dares visit your perfect room. 
  • Cover photos – using cover photos of artists that create vaporwave music is always a safe bet and will definitely work.
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vaporwave posters

Vaporwave statues

vaporwave statue

Old statues, especially those of the Roman era are almost synonymous with vaporwave art in the modern world. It is almost hilarious how thousands of years old statues could now be referred to as a part of a modern subgenre of art that is almost too ironic to exist. Anyways, if you want to make your room look as vaporwave-like as possible, you will definitely want to add vaporwave statues to your room.

If you want to see in full detail the different vaporwave statues that could be used in a vaporwave room, do check out our "who are the statues commonly used in vaporwave" post. 

Here are some examples of vaporwave statues that you will like to add in your room:

  • David – Created by Michelangelo, David is the second-most prominent figure when it comes to vaporwave statues. Anyone with basic knowledge of vaporwave art will be able to figure out the statue as being vaporwave. David is also very attractive and will add beauty to your perfect room.
  • Helios – Helios – or the god of Sun – is the most prominent figure for vaporwave fans. Helios signifies an era that was built around kings and gods, not capitalism and the market. Helios can be found in different shapes and one could always find a statue of the Sun instead of Helios to signify the same thing. 
  • Apollo - Apollo is mostly recognized as a god of archery, music and dance – and what could work better for vaporwave art that is focused around music than a good old sculpture of Apollo? Revamp the sculpture with some neon lightings and a few finishing touches here and there and you will be good to go.
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vaporwave statues

Final Thoughts

There are almost infinite ways to design a vaporwave room, but only true vaporwave fans can design a perfect vaporwave room. Getting a vaporwave poster and statue are the bare minimum for a room to qualify as a vaporwave room. We hope this article was good enough to cater to your taste. 

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