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helios in vaporwave

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Helios in Vaporwave

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Vaporwave is one of the most beautiful sub-genres of music that has been culminated by the internet in the past two decades. Vaporwave may have started as a meme but has become a masterpiece that the world of tomorrow will remember us by. Here is everything you need to know about Helios: one of the biggest names in the world of Vaporwave.

Who exactly is Helios?

helios art

Helios is a god in the world of Greek mythology. He has been given the titles of being the god of the sun, guardian of oaths and the god of sight. However, if you have studied Greek history a little, you may realize that Apollo is more popularly known as the god of the sun in many extracts. 

To make it easier for the readers, we are going with the explanation that Helios is the god of the sun while Apollo is the god of light/vision. This is what many people believe as well. 

Facts about Helios you should know about:

To understand Helios better, we must delve into the history of this mythological entity and several facts that made him one of the most praised gods of all time:

  • Helios is often seen riding a golden chariot, which basically depicts Helios bringing the sun from the east (Ethiopia) to the west (Hesperides) to bring about the day. Similarly, he journeys back during the night holding a golden cup that he would often feast his love for wine on.
  • The statue of Helios is on the Colossus of Rhodes – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  • Helios is supposedly the son of Hyperion and Theia. Hyperion is one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia while Theia is a Titaness of sight who was also the goddess of gems with value. When judging by blood, Helios was apparently a Titan, but would more often be regarded as just a god. He was what you would call a second-generation Titan.
  • Helios had two sisters: Selene – the Moon, and Eos – Dawn. 
  • Helios’ life is not all sunshine and roses as his son to Clymene: Phaethon dies because of the inability to control the chariots that Helios commands. 
  • One unique fact about Helios is that Alexander the Great, perhaps the mightiest youngling to ever have lived: worshipped him greatly. There have been countless other kings in the upcoming eras that have worshipped the god of the sun or just the sun itself as their one deity. 
  • Even Socrates and Plato would often greet the Sun in their prayers every day. 

Why is Helios used in Vaporwave?

Helios is often used in vaporwave for a wide variety of reasons. We have broken down each of those reasons so you can find it easier to write figure everything out comfortably:

Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes is a phenomenal sculpture that was built to signify the victory over Rhodes. It was meant to both be a signification of the win of the location as well as thanking the gods for such a massive victory. The Colossus of Rhodes still stands today as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and this massive bronze statue just does not falter with the test of time. 

Colossus of Rhodes is the reason why Helios is included in Vaporwave because the Colossus is built in the image of the sun god. By including Helios’ sculpture in Vaporwave, it can be shown to be a humble throwback to the era where he was respected and worshipped as one of the most popular gods by both kings and warriors alike. 

colossus of rhodes

Multiple entities

Helios has been known by various names in different cultures. In Hindu culture, he went by the name: Surya. In Roman culture, he would be better known as Sol – the sol-ar god. In Canaanite, he was known as Shapesh. Even in Greek culture, Helios has had many rivals.

Some even believe that both Apollo and Helios are the same entities. Since Apollo is known to be the most handsome and beautiful out of all Greek gods, this could be the reason Helios has become famous for Vaporwave. 

A remnant of an era foregone

Helios is a great remnant of an era where gods and kings would feast, and capitalism was non-existent. The only wars that were waged were on land and women, not on funds and marketing. The strong and quick-witted would win, not the clever and under-handed. If you had the power, you could get through any difficulty. 

Using Helios in Vaporwave signifies the by-gone era and helps the viewers and listeners get the feeling that they have been transported into that world of kings and gods again. By viewing Helios’ majestic face with curly hair, we are all deeply reminded of the era that went by. 

Attractive and iconic

helios sculpture in museums

Helios’ face is iconic. Whenever you visit a museum that has Greek statues or at least images, the first image that you will be able to discern will be Helios. The second would be Zeus – which is kind of sad since Zeus was supposedly the king of all gods. 

His iconic shaved face as well as curly hair with a slight curve makes him one of the most iconic faces of all time. Even in depictions of many Greek movies, there is always this one god that looks alarmingly similar to Helios. Heck, many people’s faces in ancient Greece are made in the shape of Helios. 

Final Thoughts

Helios is an iconic character that is used in almost all Greek stories and games based on these stories. Because of his name, and how he is literally the face of one of the Wonders of the Ancient World, Helios will stay as the face of Vaporwave as well. His face is so in-tune with Vaporwave that people are referring to him as Mr Vaporwave.

We hope that this article on everything you need to know about Helios has helped you. If you have any further queries, holler and we will try our best to answer. 

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