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david in vaporwave

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David in Vaporwave

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Vaporwave is no longer just a meme or a sensation: it has become a defining sub-genre of music that has taken the hearts of millions worldwide. With so many people delving into the world of vaporwave, we have compiled a wide list of articles to help readers understand. David: one of the most iconic faces of vaporwave, is the face of this article.

Since we do not want to waste more of your time, let us dive straight into who David is, what is his importance in vaporwave, and why do people love using his face and name everywhere:

A brief introduction to David

statue of david Michelangelo

There are many interpretations of the word: David, depending on the religion and region. In Christianity, the Hebrew Bible describes David as the second king of United Monarchy of Judah and Israel. In Books of Samuel – a narrative history of Israel in the prophet section of the Old Testament – David is supposedly a young shepherd who become famous as a musician and then by killing Goliath, an enemy champion. In the Muslim interpretation of David, he is a Prophet who also received Kingship.

This interpretation very closely follows the same that the Hebrew Bible dictates. The Muslims also firmly believe that David was revered by both the angels and God himself and was given a fairly high rank. He was also given the Holy Book: Psalms – Zabur as is known by the Muslims. He is also the father of the next king: Solomon – perhaps the most commonly known king of the era. 

Here are some facts about David that you should keep a note of:

  • Extremely attractive – Even though he was a King, or maybe because he was one, David was known to be extremely attractive throughout the world during his reign. This can be seen in the Michelangelo sculpture that was constructed centuries later. 
  • He is beloved -whether it be in Christianity or in Islam or even among the Jews, David or Dawud is known to be especially loving in all interpretations. 
  • He had a Holy Book bestowed upon him – All Abrahamic religions dictate that David had one of the Holy Books revealed to him: The Psalms or Zabur. 
  • A 17-foot sculpture dedicated to him Michelangelo, one of the most prominent Italian artists of the Renaissance era, erected a massive 17-foot sculpture entirely dedicated to him. The structure is made entirely of Marble and still stands in all its glory today. P.S. the sculpture covers nothing so everyone can see everything. 
  • His sculpture was a symbol – Even though the sculpture was made to be one of the many series of prophets in the Florence Cathedral, it was used in the public square and became the nation’s symbol of the defence of civil liberties. 
  • David’s eyes were fixed on Rome – the sculpture of David was placed in such a way that the eyes were hauntingly pointing towards Rome. This could be the very reason why his sculpture was erected in that location after all. 

Who is David for vaporwave?

david in vaporwave

The David that is consistently shown for vaporwave aesthetics is the same statue that was built by Michelangelo. He is the same image that many religions depict, and the same facts that we mentioned earlier.  Now that we understand who David for vaporwave is, here are a few reasons why the sculpture and image of David are used:

Symbol of freedom

During the 16th century, around the early 1500s, after David had become a completed construction, the matter of being placed arose. The statue replaced the sculpture of Judith and Holofernes in the public square – which was incidentally used as a symbol of heroic resistance. Since David replaced them, he would also be known for the same reason: for freedom and resistance against the powerful rival states as well as the hegemony of the Medici family

Attractive and iconic

If you were to think about Italian sculptures or even Italian museums, one of the first images to drop in your mind is the image of David as portrayed by Michelangelo. This is because the King was ever-so-revered and has such a rich history behind him that it is usually taught in Abrahamic schools worldwide. 

  • His attractive and iconic face is so popular that we doubt there is a single person on the planet Earth who is a little versed with the word: David – to not come up with the image that is depicted by Michelangelo
  • The work of Michelangelo was revered as a statue that surpassed "all ancient and modern statues, whether Greek or Latin, that have ever existed" as quoted by Vasari.

This could be the reason it is used in Vaporwave – as vaporwave is technically a throwback to an era lost in the past. 

The statue represents victory over Goliath

david vs goliath

Many believe that the statue of Goliath that stands firm in the images is David after he had slain Goliath. In this depiction, many believe that he is standing with one foot on top of Goliath’s head. However, many artists believe that the sculpture is from David before his mighty battle with Goliath. Though whatever be the interpretation, it looks as if David is strictly tense – either getting ready for battle or being tired from the epic battle between him and the enemy champion. 

David was a popular bard and vocalist

In almost all interpretations, David has been shown to once be an amazing musician who would enchant his listeners with both his great taste for music as well as vocals. In the Muslim interpretations, it is said that David was able to speak the languages of many animals including ants. Since music transcends species and time, perhaps that interpretation also makes sense. 

It might be because of his very nature with music that he has also become the face of Vaporwave. You can see his face in almost every other Vaporwave-inspired song. 

Final Thoughts

All these reasons only point to the fact that David is one of the perfect faces for vaporwave like Helios do, and we don’t expect his sculpture to be gone from the face of the sub-genre any time soon. 

vaporwave poster of david

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