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Don't be into trends, don't make fashion own you, you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live. Vaporwave is the answer. What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick, fashion & decors are languages.

Aesthetics stuff & Vaporwave decors

If you find decorations boring in general, you will change your mind. With the vaporwave, a whole new world is opened to you, you'll have to take risks, you dare to go in a still unknown but so inspiring and generous area: a Greek-Roman statue in the dining room, a living room with colorful synthwave posters, a mix of diametrically opposed styles. That's the magic of the vaporwave, we love the colors and the aesthetic side of this wonderful culture coming from the internet.

To embellish a house and bring out all the charm of the place, dare the vaporwave decoration. The art of arranging and rearranging elements and accessories to create a comfortable atmosphere will be much more pleasant for you.

Imagine yourself, at the end of the day, relaxing in a soothing and relaxing environment while listening to vaporwave music. If your interior is decorated with the same codes, it is without any doubt that you will take off towards the most wonderful pink clouds. The benevolence of vaporwave is often misunderstood, except for the true practitioners and representatives of this unique community.

In a world where everything goes very fast, where images flow and where we are constantly solicited, our interior is a refuge. A space where we can find ourselves, alone or with our family, to rest as well. The house protects us while leaving us free. It must remain open to the outside world, but not just any world, the world of dreams and colors, the vaporwave is the one and only answer. The physical, carnal being needs to be reassured while the spiritual being needs to escape, a vaporwave home decor is a journey of the mind.  

vaporwave home decor

Bring the Magic of vaporwave into your room

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your personality. If you're the type to have the same decoration as everyone else, follow the trends. But if you opt for an upsetting vaporwave decoration that won't leave anyone indifferent. Everyone who will discover your interior will be dazzled and will wonder how you could have been so inspired.


Vaporwave has now become iconic and very visually recognizable, it makes fun of trends and modern capitalism, it takes an ironic look at the past and consumerist society. The parody is anchored in the aesthetic itself, the border between the beautiful and the ridiculous is thin. Vaporwave is a counter-current movement for all the sad boys and sad girls on planet earth. Vaporwave-Store™ is the place where all the wonders of this magnificent movement come together.

If you are one of those people who love vaporwave, this shop is the place and ideal for you. Here you can find various products to become a true member of the familly of vaporwave lovers. This is an inspiring and sophisticated lifestyle that will take you far beyond what you expected.

Here you have the first online shop specializing in the world of the vaporwave cultureVaporwave is originally a genre of music that originated on internet forums such as tumblr and reddit in the early 2010's. It distinctively has no set location as to where it originated as it started online making it the first genre of music to be completely globalized. We have selected especially for you, the best clothes and decors related to this faboulous trend. Here you will be able to buy the best articles at the best price and quality.

More than an online vaporwave store, a community. Our passion goes far beyond the shop. It is a daily mentality and a different vision of the world that we are trying to share. We are not only interested in providing you with the best vaporwave products at great prices. We stand for the values, sharing the symbols of this culture. The vaporwave should not be forgotten with time, our mission is to preserve this passion for eternity.